Asphalt Shingles
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Asphalt shingles are the most frequently used kind of roofing material. It’s long-lasting, cheap and available in a variety of hues. A single layer of asphalt shingles (or sometimes two layers) may also be replaced without removing the existing roof, rendering asphalt shingle installation the most do-it-yourself-friendly job in this article. The more extensive shingles cover a greater area than the smaller single-tile products, which simplifies installation. Today’s architectural asphalt shingles include a three-dimensional pattern that mimics the appearance of wood shake.
Cedar Shake

Traditional cedar shake or shingle roofing has a timeless appearance, excellent wind resistance, a high insulation value, and is produced from a sustainable resource. A fifty-year warranty from roofing contractors cincinnati oh covers this resilient, natural roofing material.

Cedar shingles and shakes are often put in single courses, one at a time. Each shingle is secured with two nails that are placed about an inch apart on the outer borders. Roof hips and ridges may be constructed on-site or factory-assembled, although both kinds must have alternating overlaps and hidden nailing.

Cedar shake, which is usually split, from logs of different grains have different requirements than typical asphalt shingles. Even for experienced installers, the meticulously spaced shingle-by-shingle method to cedar roof installation may be complicated. This is why letting professionals like ourselves is the best option.

Metal Roofing

Each year, an increasing number of homeowners choose a metal roofing system. With a lifetime of 40 years or more, energy efficiency, and minimal maintenance costs, no other roofing system compares to a metal roof system for your house or business.

As with any construction job, you may have concerns regarding the process of installing a metal roof, which we shall discuss in this post. Finding a reputable contractor with expertise in installing metal roofing is critical when it comes to your new metal roof. As with traditional shingle roofs, improper installation and craftsmanship may result in poor performance (such as leakage) and cosmetic problems.

Choosing a metal roofing Cincinnati contractor with experience and knowledge may also assist you in selecting the ideal metal roofing system for your budget, business, or house. Hiring an experienced and certified contractor to install your metal roof is just as critical as selecting the most refined metal roof system choice.

Slate Roof

Slate tiles cover the roofs of some of the country’s oldest houses. This beautiful stone roofing is one of the most durable and long-lasting shingles available today, highly regarded for its beauty, durability, and endurance. As with any roof, though, it does have certain disadvantages.

The primary benefit of putting a slate roof on your house is the aesthetics. Slate roof tiles are manufactured entirely of real stone and have a naturally split surface with a stunning color variety that runs the length of the roof. Additionally, slate roof tiles are very durable, sometimes outlasting the structures on which they are placed. Indeed, when built and maintained correctly, a slate roof may endure 150 years or more.